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About Us

Tokyo Optician is a registered optician among the specialised medical service providers, in eye diagnosis services. It was established in 1999, incorporated as a limited company by the registar of companies. Recognised and certified by the Medical Council of Zambia and all relevant authorities in Zambia. Ever since, Tokyo Opticians has been in eye care services, dispensing of optical products to meet the eye care needs of the Zambian people in a very efficient and cost effective manner.

As Tokyo Opticians we believe that human productivity and efficiency has to do with healthy eyesight. Therefore, we endeavour at all times to apply our professional skills to effectively make a contribution to the well being of individuals in society, who are the human capital which is a sigificant tool in the process of national development. In all our eye care service delivery, we emphasise the proper apllication of time and place a high value on understanding, analysing and directly providing solutions to the needs of our clients.

As Tokyo Opticians, we have over ten years of experience in optometry practice. Therefore, we have developed a reliable understanding of this part of medical practice which we would like you to take advantage of. Since our incorporation, Tokyo Optician has a strong track record of consistence in terms of exceptional customer care, quick service delivery, uncompromised quality of all the products and reliability in terms of professionalism. We would urge you to join the list of our satisfied customers which decision you will never regret. Remember your productivity and efficiency is equal to how well you see.

Our Mission

Computerised Eye Examinations

Colour Vision Test

VisualField Test

Analysis of Suitability of Contact Lenses

Slit Lamp Examination

Glaucoma & Intra Ocular Pressure Test


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