Welcome to Tokyo Optician We are accredited by NHIMA The compulsory National Health Insurance scheme seeks to provide
for a sound and reliable healthcare financing for Zambian households
and the entire health sector.
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Welcome to Tokyo Optician

Tokyo Optician is a registered optician among the specialised medical service providers, in eye diagnosis services. It was established in 1999, incorporated as a limited company by the registar of companies.
Recognised and certified by the Medical Council of Zambia and all relevant authorities in Zambia. Ever since, Tokyo Opticians has been in eye care services, dispensing of optical products to meet the eye care needs of the Zambian people in a very efficient and cost effective manner.

What We Offer

Comprehensive Eye Care Services

Our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to provide the most effective service.


At Tokyo Opticain you can choose a wide range of frames in stock both designer and budget range frames with the help of specially trained eyeware professionals

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are available in both cosmetic & Prescription. Many type of contact lenses available with us. Further details visit our stores


See what you have been missing, Shouldn’t you see outdoors as well as you see in indoors? If you are not wearing polarized lenses, you are not.


Lenses are just lenses , right? On the contrary finding the right lenses is an important choice for everyday comfort and satification which are lightweight & durable.

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What Our Patients Say!

What a wonderful experience with Tokyo Opticians! Your doctor will make the best effort possible to diagnose eye condition.

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